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Passing Down Kyo Traditions

Maiko Plan

Passing Down Kyo Traditions MAIKO

After dining in this restaurant, you can enjoy the happy time of dancing, taking photos, asking questions, etc. to and with maiko for free.

  • There may not be enough time to take photos, etc.
  • Maiko can be arranged without the kaiseki cuisine set plan, but the price may change somewhat.
  • A fee for cancellation of maiko will occur after arrangements have been settled.
  • A service charge will occur when bringing maiko, geisha, or other accompaniments from outside.
  • During the holidays of the geisha quarters, an additional charge for maiko service may occur.


Eat sushi you yourself created.

Our chef will guide and teach you how to make sushi.
Experience time takes about 1 hour. After that, you can eat the sushi you made, along with our dishes (assorted tempura, sushi, and red miso soup) served as a set course.