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Ganko Takasegawa Nijoen

Enjoy Sushi and Japanese Cuisine in a Relaxed Atmosphere

Enjoy Sushi and Japanese Cuisine in a Relaxed Atmosphere

We offer a variety of Japanese cuisines ranging from single items to Kaiseki dishes, including Sushi as a full entree. Kimono-clad staff in a traditionally Japanese motif complete with Japanese Tatami (rice straw) mats, tables and chairs welcome you to Ganko and its version of Japanese dining in a relaxing atmosphere.

Vegetables are carefully grown in selected soil in assigned farmlands. Handmade Tofu, in its natural bitterness, is served in its traditional way. Pigs and chickens are raised by certified ranchers. Even the grain for home-brewed sake is carefully chosen. Further, all sea food is flown directly from fishermen to Ganko to maintain maximum freshness.

You can come into contact with traditional Japanese culture through the country’s healthy cuisine, and feel the changing of its seasons at our Ganko.

Our Story

Our Story

Chairman and founder Atsushi Kojima started out by opening a tiny sushi shop of only 15㎡ in 1963, in Osaka, the merchants' capital.
The chain now covers Kansai and the capital region. Kojima chose the name “Ganko Sushi” (stubborn sushi) to emphasize the appeal of a small sushi restaurant. Ganko is a nickname given to Kojima when he was a student.
The name was true to his character, and it stuck.Through his care over many aspects of his business, that character is manifested in every Ganko restaurant.

Care over ingredients, exemplified by Ganko farms and special cultivation. Care over cooking, to bring out the flavor and aroma. Care in offering hospitality, from heart to heart. Care for the character that comes from roots in the community, and for the goodwill that comes from the love of its people. The care for the Japanese traditions of sushi and other national cuisine. The care for continual challenges, to try new things. The real Ganko story starts from these.

Recommended Menus from Ganko


Kaiseki is a highly stylized form of traditional Japanese cuisine that originated as chakaiseki, a part of the Tea Ceremony. The food, skillfully prepared to please both the eye and palate, is served in many small dishes.


  • Our dishes change every month. Please ask one of our staff members for more information.
  • A 10% service fee is added to the bill.
  • Prices are per person.
  • The picture is only for reference.


¥5,000 (w/tax ¥5,250)
  • Seasonal appetizer, small cup dish,deep-fried dish
  • Soup, clear soup, entree
  • Rice cooked with seasonal delicacies, dessert,special assorted sashimi
  • Table dish, pickled vegetables


¥7,000 (w/tax ¥7,350)
  • Seasonal appetizer, small cup dish, mixed soup
  • Special dessert, special clear soup, entree
  • Sushi, special assorted sashimi, table dish, soup


¥9,000 (w/tax ¥9,450)
  • Seasonal appetizer, special mix of boiled foods, table dish
  • Soup, special clear soup, small cup dish
  • Mixed soup, special dessert, top-grade assorted sashimi

Kyo Yuba Tofu, Hanayagi

Kyo Yuba Tofu, Hanayagi

  • Includes cake and coffee until 3:00 PM
    (also available in the evening)
  • Prices are per person.
  • A 10% service fee is added to the bill.
  • The picture is only for reference.

Hana Ohgi

¥2,680(w/tax ¥2,814)
  • Appetizer plate, soymilk hot pot with bean curd skin, pickled vegetables
  • Assorted sashimi, mixed soup, soup
  • Small cup dish, rice cooked with seasonal delicacies, dessert

Hana Murasaki

¥3,300(w/tax ¥3,465)
  • Appetizer plate, soymilk hot pot with bean curd skin, rice cooked with seasonal delicacies
  • Dessert, assorted sashimi, grilled dish
  • Pickled vegetables, small cup dish, mixed soup, soup

Hana Kurenai

¥3,800(w/tax ¥3,990)
  • Appetizer plate, small cup dish, mixed soup
  • Dessert, clear soup, soymilk hot pot with bean curd skin
  • Assorted sushi, assorted sashimi, grilled dish, soup

Hana Shobu

¥4,300(w/tax ¥4,515 )
  • Appetizer plate, assorted sashimi, grilled dish
  • Soup, vinegared dish, small cup dish
  • Mixed soup, dessert, clear soup
  • Soymilk hot pot with bean curd skin, assorted sushi

Major Ganko Restaurants

Ganko Takasegawa Nijoen

Ganko Takasegawa Nijoen, a mansion that has been used as a vacation home for the powerful and wealthy of the day for nearly 400 years, has an elegant and splendid garden.
It now provides guests from the general public with a dining space where they can enjoy the garden together with delightful Japanese cuisine. Ganko offers real Kyoto Kaiseki cuisine at reasonable prices.
The “Geisha Girl Encounter Days” are a regular attraction. Enjoy a leisurely meal, stroll in a formal Japanese garden, then watch maiko dancing, something that can only be seen in Kyoto, the thousand-year capital.
A visit to the Nijoen is truly a precious “three birds with one stone” experience.

484-6, Higashi Namasu-cho, Nijo-kudaru, Kiyamachi-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-0922
Tel : 075-223-3456

Map of Ganko Takasegawa Nijoen

Ganko Kyoto Eki-biru

Kyoto Station Bldg. 2F, Shiokoji-sagaru, Karasuma-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8216
Tel: 075-342-5995

Map of Ganko Kyoto Eki-biru

Ganko Ginza 4-chome and 1-chome

Ganko Ginza 4-chome
4-4-1, Ginza Hachiko Bldg., Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
Tel : 03-3564-5678

Ganko Ginza 1-chome
1-7-10, Ginza Fuji Bldg., Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
Tel : 03-3567-6789

Map of Ganko Ginza 4-chome and 1-chome

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