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Enjoy the Food Culture of Japan
with the Hospitality of GANKO.


[WASHOKU: Traditional Japanese Food Culture]
was added to UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage List
in December, 2013.

Enjoy the Food Culture of Japan
with the Hospitality of GANKO.

GANKO is a restaurant serving world-renowned WASHOKU cuisine, the Traditional Food Culture of Japan.
In Japan, with its distinct four seasons,
you can enjoy beautifully colored tasty dishes made from seasonal vegetables and fish.
Most overseas visitors may be familiar with sushi and tempura.
At GANKO, these traditional Japanese delicacies are served with safety and reliability firmly in mind.

For example, GANKO uses vegetables devotedly grown by contracted farmers as well as homemade tofu (bean curd) made using authentic methods. The prawns, pigs and chickens from which we get our ingredients are also raised on farms we trust.
In order to ensure freshness,
our seasonal fish are purchased and sent directly from fisheries to each of GANKO's shops.
We hope you enjoy the traditional foods of Japan right here at GANKO.

Origin of GANKO

GANKO was started as a sushi shop of 4.5 tsubo (15㎡) in Juso, Osaka in 1963
by the founder, Chairman and Executive Director of GANKO, Atsushi Kojima.
Today, we have grown to include a large number of shops primarily located in the Kansai region.
The company and shop name [GANKO] is the nickname of Chairman Kojima,
and the logo displayed on all shops was designed in his likeness.

Come and spend a relaxing time at our oyashiki residence
while experiencing a taste of Japanese culture.

Several of GANKO's shops are situated in traditional Japanese residences, called oyashiki, with gardens attached.
Our Kimono-clad attendants will guide you to a drawing room, floored with tatami mats.
You can enjoy traditional Japanese tea-ceremony dishes while admiring the Japanese garden.